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Nordstrom Rack | Hautelook

Welcome to NR|HL

DON'T FORGET! There are a few things to do before your first day:

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    Onboarding Tasks
    Complete all assigned tasks in your Workday inbox
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    Collect your I-9 Documents
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Who to Know

  • Receptionist
    Allyson Hemar
  • HR Coordinator
    Atalie Oliva
  • HR Director
    Gina Forcum
  • Office Manager
    Breanna Carter

Meet Coco

A.k.a. the all-knowing, info-gathering, problem-solving fix
for just about any office issue.

Log in, submit a ticket, and she'll find a solve.


Learn the Landscape

8680 Hayden Pl,
Culver City, CA 90232
  1. 1
    Metro Info


  • Hayden Restaurant
    8820 Washington Blvd.
    We : The ambiance—and the waffles.
  • Platform
    8850 Washington Blvd.
    We : That you can have a taco, take a SoulCycle class and get a manicure all in one place.
  • Food Trucks at the office 3-4 days per week
    In the parking lot out front
    We : The rotating options, from coffee to burgers.


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